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Our Mission

Our mission is to train dogs and the people who need them to work together to improve each other's lives. We believe that dogs are special and should be treated with respect and kindness. We always train with this belief foremost in our minds.
Labrador Retrievers
Grace and Remington

Our Recipients

We place Service Dogs with people who have mobility difficulties, epilepsy, and other medical needs, and we also place Emotional Support Dogs. We place Facility Dogs who provide therapy and intervention services to children and adults. We provide a K-9 Kids Reading Program for school-age children.

Our Dogs

We have multiple options for acquiring dogs for our recipients. We can acquire a new puppy. The recipient can acquire their own puppy. And in some cases we can train a dog the recipient already owns. With people local to the Memphis area, the dog can split time between us and the recipient. This allows the dog to bond with the recipient while training is in progress.
German Shepherd