Service Dogs

Our service dog program provides trained service dogs for people in need in the Memphis, TN area. We acquire puppies from the best breeders in the country, then train them using the latest scientifically-based methods. All our training is based on building a close bond between the trainer, the recipient and the dog.

Therapy Dogs

Our Therapy Dogs program partners with area public schools to provide reading dogs for children who are struggling with reading. The children are provided with opportunities to read aloud to our dogs at specific times every week. Studies have shown that children who read aloud to dogs significantly improve their reading skills. The dogs don't laugh at them when they mess up, the dogs don't judge them, they just sit and listen.

Teens & K9's

We bring shelter dogs and teens together to learn from each other and create lasting bonds. We believe in young people’s capacity for empathy, compassion and growth through the transformative power and magic of a homeless dog’s pure and unconditional love.