Grace R

Grace RGrace was born with Hydrocephalus, Chiari Malformation, Craniosynostosis, Crouzon’s Syndrome and later developed a Syringomyelia. By the age of 13 she had undergone over 45 surgeries most of those of her brain and spine. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. Stage 4 cancer. She underwent 30 rounds of radiation and 34 rounds of chemotherapy. She needed 3 additional surgeries, one to repair her tendons in both legs to be able to walk correctly again. As a result of her surgeries and chemotherapy she experiences daily pain, occipital neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, balance issues and some vision limitations.

A service dog will benefit Grace in assisting her with mobility in daily activities such as stairs, curbs, assistance in getting off the floor and or ground and helping her walk when she is off balance. The service dog will also retrieve items when they are dropped or it is difficult for her to get out of bed.

Grace R's dog Remington

Remington SmallRemington is an English Labrador from KENNEL.  He was born in November of 2017.  He's an ideal service dog candidate because of his calm demeanor and steady nerve.  The English Labradors are much like the American version, but they tend to be more laid back and more calm.  Remington has been a delight to work with.  We're actually considering suggesting this breed and KENNEL to future applicants because of the success we've had with Remington.  He's a really great dog!